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Fingerboard Coffin Case (Galaxy Black x Sky Blue)

Fingerboard Coffin Case (Galaxy Black x Sky Blue)

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  • Heavy duty construction
  • Large spare-parts section with removable divider (wide enough to fit several pairs of trucks, wheels, Blackriver tools, etc)
  • Easily fits multiple complete setups (2 completes + spare decks with the divider installed, 3 with the divider removed)
  • Flashy appearance
  • Engineering grade materials

The perfect storage solution for carrying your fingerboard goods on the go! Going to a fingerboarding event, or to meet with friends? Pack up your best setups in this flashy magnetic Coffin Case and stand out from the crowd. 

The Coffin Case is made of top-grade materials, designed to be rigid and highly protective. Made with high-quality rare earth neodymium magnets, you can easily toss the Coffin in your backpack and never have to worry about the lid separating from the base and spilling tiny spare parts inside your bag. 

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