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Coffin Case (MeltBox x Milk.FBS)

Coffin Case (MeltBox x Milk.FBS)

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This was a custom build for Milk.FBS (Instagram: @milk.fbs), since we know there are a TON of people who love Milk's products, we have been given the blessing from the owner of Milk.FBS to sell this branded Fingerboard Storage / Toolbox!

We can do custom color-options, even custom graphics! Please message us before placing an order if you want a custom order. Sometimes we don't have certain colors in stock, but always willing to work with our customers!)

Note: The price increase on this Coffin compared to our CoffinCase Mini is due to extra work involved to make the text, and interior designs perfect. With more post-processing, comes more time, so we have to charge a little extra to ensure your order meets our high-standards.

This Coffin Case design features:

- More storage space, fits multiple setups and decks
(Setups pictured are 34mm and 36mm, designed to allow for setups up to 38mm wide to be stored sideways, with another 1-2mm of clearance to spare)

- Thicker, more rigid lid with perimeter lip that fits over & around the Coffin base, as opposed to sitting flush & flat on top
(Removed the need for alignment studs)

- Removable divider insert
(Giving you the ability to section off a space for tools + parts, or have one large open space)

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