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Dual Duro Street Wheels + Tuning Set (MeltBox x BunnyTail)

Dual Duro Street Wheels + Tuning Set (MeltBox x BunnyTail)

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These wheels are made out of 3D printed urethane - Each set goes through a lathing process to ensure a butter smooth ride, and the soft urethane provides a very unique feel similar to recycled wheels! High quality, free spinning bearings.

Dimensions: 8.1mm x 5.1mm

Shore Hardness: 95A (Shore A scale can't directly be translated to Shore D, but estimated equivalence charts report 95A to be ~55D)

Each set of MeltBox Street Dual Duros comes with a matching set of hand pressed conical shaped BunnyTail bushings, as well as shaped pivot cups made from 55A Silicone. 

If you're looking for the White + Green Core wheels, or the Black + Orange Core wheels, you can find those @ 🤘

** Disclaimer **
Since this drop is the first time these are being publicly offered, I ask that if you have any issues whatsoever with your wheels, please reach out to me on Instagram! (@meltbox3d)

This does not mean that these wheels haven't gone through thorough testing - they've gone through at least 5 revisions, a handful of friends, and months of development. However, some people ride much harder and rougher than others, in different environments, and accidents happen! So if any issues arise - such as bearings going bad, cores coming loose, or bearing slip - please contact me directly rather than making it public and I would be happy to replace your wheels after diagnosing & fixing the issue with a tweak in the design. Thank you 🤘
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